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Back for another update...

Yawn. It's 1:00 and I'm tired, but I gotta post at least once a week. OMG, I can't believe Harry Potter comes out this Friday!!! I've been dying to see it since I started reading the books during the summer going into 8th grade, which was over a year ago. I saw Domestic Disturbance tonight and saw posters for Harry Potter and LotR, which was very cool, IMO. Speaking of LotR, I've written the first part to a new story, it's a Frodo/Sauron story, you can read it here. The second part's being written as I type, so expect it within a week or so, maybe a little more. School's going well, I have a 90 in French, 97 in music and an 85 in English, which is pretty fucked up right about there considering English *used* to be my best subject. Ah well, what are ya gonna do right? I've been having weird dreams lately, most of them involving this grade 11 guy I have a huge crush on. It's not right, I know most of his classes and everything. It's all innocent good fun, it's not like I'm cheating or anything. Well, I suppose I should continue writing, I'm already tired anyway.
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