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I just needed someone to talk to, but you were just too busy w/ yourself!!!

Sorry, that song's been going through my head for the past week. I wonder why ^_^ I did absolutely nothing today. Nothing at all. I didn't even have any homework to do, so I slept and sat around. Ugh, I hate that, I feel all sluggish and everything. I've been eating too much lately. Even though pretty much the only thing I'll eat is something low-fat (I got some lot-fat ice cream, it kicks ass. Seriously, it tastes like the real thing except there's like 4 grams of fat in the whole carton, compared to about 100) I still feel guilty for eating. Maybe it's not a bad thing, my parents thought I was going anorexic in the summer because I barely ate anything. I think tomorrow I'll skip lunch or get a salad or something, I gotta stop eating fries and burgers. I think AJ's going to have a Hallowe'en party next weekend, sweeeeet! Hopefully they'll invite some guys I don't know, the search is on for a new guy!!! I'd like to do some writing tonight, I've neglected it lately, as with pretty much all of my computer things. I'm lucky now to get a half hour a night. I think I'd like to get together with Kelly sometime next weekend, I miss her. I miss the summer, goddamnit! Even though high school's exciting and fun, I still miss the simple tranquility of the summer. *deep sigh* Just give me one more day. (I'd also add, "Is that too much to ask?", but going over my old journal entries, about four or five already end with that line.) So I'm signing off, good night, America!
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