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Tired, need sleep...

I feel so sick today, after I came home from school I just laid down. This week's been crazy, I've had music council, homework, Sarah and all the other stuff to contend with. Me and Mandy are getting a group of people to come to the mall tomorrow, I know Mark, AJ and LeighAnn are coming for sure. Gwen, Skye and (the good) Sarah may come too, we'll see. And maybe Matt. I finally swallowed my pride and gave Kyle my #, I'm actually pretty happy I did. The first time I refused, you see, but that was back when I was all confused and stuff. So we'll see I guess. MarieAmethyst just made one of the best comments I could have heard right now, she is truly an amazing person (if you're reading this Marie, I mean every word!) Well, even though I almost never write now, it's Friday so I should at least post something this weekend. Hopefully I'll see Marie on MSN tomorrow, Friday's my favourite night to stay up late *grin*
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