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Review of Harry Potter

I saw HP tonight, it was pretty packed but we got there an hour early so it's all good. Here's my take on the movie:

They had a preview for LotR!!! That was a plus, me and Kelly started squealing when they showed

The first few minutes of the movie were pretty good, they stayed fairly accurate to the books. But after that, I know this will sound nit-picky, but they left too much stuff out. I think they assume that you've already read the book or something. What really bothered me is that they didn't explain who Voldemort was until about half-way through the movie. Tons of scenes were cut or altered, which was kinda unsettling but to be expected. Malfoy isn't there in Diagon Alley or on the train. They do the introductory scene with him before the Sorting Hat. And the Sorting Hat doesn't go in alphabetical order! It went Hermione, Draco, some girl, Ron and Harry (I think) The twins barely get a speaking role and I think Lee Jordan's a girl! Either that or he has an extremely feminine voice!!!! Hermione's a stuck up little brat, Snape's extremely two-dimensional and Malfoy's...ugh. I hate Movie Malfoy, he's much too canon for my liking ^_^

Another thing that really bugged me is that they didn't even explain why Snape hated Harry so much. Voldemort looked really weird, like a rotting corpse or something. Quirrel was good though, his stutter cracked me up for some reason. The movie was too pro-Gryffindor for my liking, I'm such a pro-Slytherin. I think some of it is that I'm losing my taste for canon, preferring fanfic cause it makes more sense in my anti-Gryffindor mindset. Like at the beginning with Malfoy when he introduces himself to Harry, saying, "My name's Malfoy. Draco Malfoy." and Ron snickers, well, I don't blame Draco considering Ron was the one to scoff at Draco first. The dragon scene is pretty different, it's a lot shorter and Gryffindor doesn't care when they get all those points taken off. And it's Ron instead of Neville that gets the detention. Mostly everything's changed somewhat, I was happy they put my quote in though- "There is no good and evil, only power and those too weak to seek it."

All in all, the movie was kinda disappointing, didn't really meet my expectartions. Some scenes worked, others didn't. It was generally okay though, no serious complaints really. I think it might turn some people off of the books, because I know Kelly (who loved LotR) has no desire to read Harry Potter now because she didn't like the movie. I plan on seeing it once more in the theatre, but that should be plenty for me.

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