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OMG! It's Harry Potter time!!!

Yaaaaay! Tonight, me, Mandy, Griff (Mandy's new bf, she broke up w/ Dave), Gwen, Mark, Kelly and Sam are coming to Harry Potter, if we can actually get in that is. OMG, I can't waitttt!!!!!! This week's been so exciting, everything's happening around me. The hot grade 11 guy thinks I'm a stalker (*laugh* it's probably the truth!) but I know some of his friends and they told me they'd say good things about me. So today I went up to him and told him I wasn't a stalker, I just thought he was hot. He kinda laughed to himself and kept walking. Hahahaha, I'm an idiot. My friends thought that was pretty gutsy, going up to a friggin' 6 foot tall grade 11 and telling him that, but I don't really care, as you can probably tell I'm not easily embarassed. I skipped 4th period today, it was soooo fun having lunch w/ Mandy and her lunch friends (Mark, Leigh Ann, Matt, Sam and Griff.) I sooo wish I had 4th now, 3rd's kinda boring, no offense to my friends who I eat lunch with. Today should have been weird, but I'm just so excited! I'm sitting here waiting for Mandy to call, goddammit we gotta get there early!!!! I can't believe after waiting for like a year I finally get to see Harry Potter, I can't waiiiitt!!!!!!! *screams* The excitement is killing me! Watch back here for a review after I get home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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