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Survey Madness!!!

Stolen shamelessly from other people's LJ's....


First grade teacher's name:
Mrs. Challen
Last word you said:
Last song you sang:
Fallin' by Alicia Keys
Last meal you ate:
Dinner, last night
Favorite childhood cartoon:
I had tons!!!
What do/did you hate most about school:
The classes, the work, the teachers
Last song stuck in your head:
Because I Got High, by Afroman


What's in your CD player:
What color socks are you wearing:
None, I just woke up
What's under your bed:
Nothing, it's a waterbed
What's the weather like:
Cool but really bright and sunny!
What time did you wake up today:


Who do you want to marry:
No idea yet
Are you going to college:
Where do you want to go:
Doesn't matter, really
What is your career going to be:
I want to be a writer, actress, or host of a TV talk show :)
Where are you going to live:
Probably in the big city
How many kids do you want:
1 or none at all
Kids' names:
*giggles* Frodo, Annatar, Michelle, Alandra
Where do you want your honeymoon:
Somewhere romantic, like Rome
What kind of car will you have:
A blue convertable

* * * * * *

1. Name one person you regret dating/liking: Richard
2. Name one person you can do without in your life: There's too many to pick just one
3. Name one person of the same sex that you would kiss if you were unattached: ewwwwwwww
4. Name one celebrity star that you find hot: There's so many!!! Johnny Depp is one, though
5. Name one LJer that you find hot: All the ppl I know are chicks, so nope
6. Name one city that you find most appealing: Vienna
7. Favorite piece of jewelry: My rings and hoop earrings
8. Favorite piece of clothing: My white sleeveless low cut shirt and my blue Tommy jeans
9. Favorite place to be: out w/ friends
10. Favorite person to be with: my closest friends
11. What's one regret that you have in life? Too many :(
12. Name one part of your body that you dislike most: my legs
13. Name one part of your body that you love most: my face, i guess
14. What's one thing you would like to do before you die? Become famous
15. What's one thing you enjoy doing during your free time: Going to the mall
16. Who is one person you'd like to meet (celebrity or not): There's too many!!!
17. What is one thing that you like to own someday? A car
18. What is one goal that you'd like to achieve? Be a less bitter person
19. What's your most favorite memory? Hmmm...can't pick
20. What's one memory that you would like to erase? Waaaay too many...

What were you doing...
1 minute ago: Talking to Mark
1 hour ago: Sleeping
1 day ago: At Burger King eating lunch
1 week ago: Went to AJ's party
1 month ago: Waiting for my birthday to come
1 year ago: Becoming friends w/ *sigh* Sarah
1 lifetime ago: Who knows?
5 hours ago: Sleeping
5 days ago: Dragging my lazy ass out of bed for school
5 weeks ago: ???
5 months ago: Getting excited about graduating
5 years ago: Being a kid

Weeheeeeee! Now wasn't that fun? (wait, don't answer that)
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