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A quick entry before I go to bed...

Ugh, this bites. Mandy and Leigh Ann got caught skipping, so now they're both grounded. Mandy's not allowed on the phone or out until Friday at the earliest and Leigh Ann's grounded till Monday. Gwen had D & D tonight, so she wouldn't do anything and I guess if I really wanted to, I could have asked Hollie, since she called me so much today, but I didn't really want to. So here I was, stuck inside on a Saturday of all nights. That's crap. Tomorrow I'm meeting Kyle at the mall, we have a lot of issues we have to resolve before any kind of friendship. I give Mandy and Dave a week, I swear she's trying to avoid him. But that's usual, so I'm not too shocked. *yawn* Time for bed I guess, I'm tired as hell...
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