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The rollercoaster of life has its ups and downs...

This week was *much* better. Much, much better. Well, the first part was the same, except that I felt a lot better, you know. Today was the really weird day. Me, Mandy and Leigh Ann skipped, it was fun, all the suckers were stuck in class!!! Hehe ^_^ At the end of the day, we went back to get our stuff and I saw Kyle. Well, something compulsed me to talk to him and we ended up forgiving each other. I went out with my friends tonight to hang out, but he called when I was out so I called back and we talked for an hour or so. I think we can still be friends, I hate to admit it but I missed him. So now that's all smoothed over. Mandy's going out with David, who is kind of a dirtball, and he happens to be Kelly's cousin. She doesn't like him much, I don't think, as she always tries to ignore him whenever she sees him. It's so mean!!! She's going bring him when we go out tomorrow, Leigh Ann's going to bring some Chad guy and I'm going to bring Kyle. Gwen will have to find someone ^_^ Lately, with all this crap that's been going on in my life, I've been neglecting my writing and all my online things. So forgive me for that, it's just hard when there's other stuff going on, you know? So the week ends on a good note, I just hope everything works out for the best.
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