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You caught me in a good mood for once

Right now I'm just chilling in my room, my legs are tired. Last night we went to the mall to hang out because I go crazy if I have nothing to do on a Friday night. I'm feeling a *lot* better now, at least there was a decent ending to this craptacular week. I'm almost myself again, except when I start remembering stuff. Then my eyes get this weird glazy look and I'm off in my own world again. OMG, my friends Leigh Anne and Hollie were babysitting last night, and they stole money off of the parent. Which is bad in itself, but pretty minor, except they happened to steal......$550. I'm dead serious, they went tonight to blow it at the mall. Me and Mandy didn't feel like going, so we went to get Mark and Billy and we just hung out instead. I think AJ's going to have a Hallowe'en party, I am *so* being an elf! If people ask what I am, and I tell them that, they'll probably be like, "Huh?" so maybe I'll just tell the idiots I'm a princess or something. Well, anyway, here's hoping this week's better than the last, even though I don't think it's humanly possible for things to get any worse.
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